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Aid Needed to Bolster Fight Against TB in Asia-Pacific – Senator Lisa Singh and Matt Thistlethwaite MP

Drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis (TB) are on the march through some of our closest neighbours in the Asia-Pacific, including Papua New Guinea. Aid funding from Australia to research and develop new treatments should be urgently directed to the disease as current therapies drug regimens are lengthy, toxic, expensive and only about 50 per cent effective.… Read More »

Ice Inquiry in Liverpool Today

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement will hold a public hearing today in Liverpool, NSW for the Inquiry into crystal methamphetamine (Ice). Ice use has been identified as a growing problem across Australian communities, particularly in remote, rural and regional areas. We have heard that methamphetamine related hospitalisation has dramatically increased. We have heard… Read More »

Abbott Government Fails Fisheries Management 101

The Abbott Government’s ongoing failure to responsibly manage Australia’s fisheries is a serious problem for all stakeholders. Labor Senator for Tasmania Lisa Singh said that everyone was aware of the issues and debate surrounding the Government’s recent oversight of the Small Pelagic Fishery. “I would have thought the current controversies make the need for up-to-date… Read More »

Nobel Prize Winners Disagree With Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott has another opportunity to make himself an international embarrassment by ignoring some the world’s greatest scientific minds. For the first time since 1955, Nobel Prize winners have used the platform of the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting to take a stand on social policy by making the Mainau Declaration on Climate Change 2015. 36… Read More »

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At AgFest in Tasmania At Agfest with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten


With my parliamentary colleague Andrew Leigh MP to pledge our support to Fatality Free Friday. The RSRT works to stop truck drivers from being pressured to speed or skip breaks. Participating in the Senate inquiry today into the medicinal use of cannabis and a Bill regulating its use through legalisation.


Building and Construction Industry Bill 2013 – Second Reading Speech

I rise to speak on the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Bill 2013 in the hope that it does not pass this Senate and also to make it clear why Labor opposes this legislation, which of course forces a return to the draconian Australian Building and Construction Commission. This bill is seeking to re-establish… Read More »

Import of Lion Specimens – Disallowance Motion

Labor does not support this disallowance motion. Every year foreign hunters export the carcasses of 665 wild lions from Africa—an average of nearly two lions every day. In Zimbabwe, the country where Cecil the lion was killed just last month, hunters exported 49 lion trophies in 2013 alone. Since Cecil’s death in early July it… Read More »

Renewable Energy – Matter of Public Importance

For two reasons yesterday was both was both a fateful and a painful symbolic day in our Australian national life. One reason was Tony Abbott sabotaging the push towards— The ACTING DEPUTY PRESIDENT ( Senator Back ): Point of order. Refer to— Senator SINGH: Mr Abbott—pardon. Senator Conroy: You do not need to call a… Read More »

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