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Dolphins And Seals Under Threat As Greg Hunt’s Inaction Continues

The Abbott Government is continuing to fail the Tasmanian community and marine environment in its responsibilities for bycatch management, Senator Lisa Singh said. In response to news that the Geelong Star’s second fishing voyage has killed more dolphins and seals, Minister Hunt released a statement on Sunday saying that he was “absolutely appalled”. It is… Read More »

The Abbott Government can no Longer Ignore our Ocean’s Value

A report released today and likely to be ignored by the Abbott Government has found that the ocean would rank seventh in global economies, with two-thirds of its US$24 trillion overall value produced by assets relying on healthy ocean conditions. “Labor welcomes the Reviving the Ocean Economy: The case for action report because it graphically… Read More »

Why Won’t The Government Listen To Labor On Super Trawlers?

The Abbott Government’s has failed in its responsibility to protect Australia’s fisheries and response to threats to our protected species. Following reports today of marine mammal deaths during the operations of the Geelong Star, the Australian Fisheries Management Authority has confirmed that the Geelong Star’s tailored vessel management plan is being urgently updated, despite  Tasmanian… Read More »

Libs Told to Keep Their ‘Hands off UTAS’ – Senator Lisa Singh, Senator Anne Urquhart and Senator Helen Polley

Federal Labor Senators have today launched a campaign to highlight the  devastating impact that the government’s university deregulation plans will have on Tasmania’s northern university campuses. Tasmanian Senator Anne Urquhart said the “Hands off UTAS” petition was launched to allow Tasmanians to put pressure on Federal Liberal members to stand up for UTAS. “The Liberal’s… Read More »

In The Community

Supporting local business owner at a fundraiser In Penguin Citizenship Ceremony in Hobart


Tony Abbott promised no cuts to the ABC, and then slashed their budget, luckily these bananas survived! The RSRT works to stop truck drivers from being pressured to speed or skip breaks. With my parliamentary colleague Andrew Leigh MP to pledge our support to Fatality Free Friday.


2015 Budget – Adjournment Speech

I rise to speak about the Abbott government’s unfair budget and its impact on my home state of Tasmania. Tonight, Labor’s leader, Bill Shorten, delivered the budget reply speech Australia was waiting for—a speech that articulated Labor’s vision for the nation based on our values of fairness and opportunity for all. When we talk about… Read More »

Renewable Energy – Senator Statements

I rise to speak of the importance of a strong and robust renewable energy industry in this country. In 2013 Australia was one of four most attractive countries in which to invest in renewable energy. Prior to the 2013 election, the renewable energy target was a bipartisan agreement between the coalition and Labor, and had… Read More »

Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2015 – Second Reading Speech

I rise to speak to the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment (Data Retention) Bill 2015. The current bill has brought deep concern to many Australians—and rightly so, because it raises complex and concerning issues, especially in relation to privacy, freedom of expression and media freedom. I have had my own deep concerns about this legislation… Read More »

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