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Giving a statement at United Nations on behalf of Australia, Canada and NZ on the Articles and Principles on Preventing Transboundary Harm from Harmful Hazardous Activities. International courts and bodies have referred to these Articles which contribute to the progressive development of international law and standards for member states. As the world becomes more interconnected, the importance of this framework will continue to grow. Delivering a statement at the United Nations on behalf of Australia, Canada and New Zealand on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and our commitment to a sustainable future. Another day of global activity at the UN. Member states put fwd their positions in First Committee on disarmament, non proliferation, counter terrorism, land mines, arms trade, WMDs and conventional weapons. #UNGA


At Parliament House in Canberra writing a message of condolence and support to the people of Italy at this sad time as a result of the earthquake that's devastated and taken the lives of so many. Lisa was sworn into the Senate of the 45th Parliament of Australia on the 30th of August 2016. It is a honour to serve and represent the people of Tasmania Lisa with her Tasmanian Senate colleagues taking the oath of office on the opening day of the 45th Parliament


Marriage – Adjournment speech

I rise to speak on the Turnbull government’s plan to hold a divisive and pointless plebiscite into marriage equality and to ask: why is the Turnbull government insisting on this unnecessary marriage equality plebiscite when Australians have already made their support clear and when the parliament could deal with this simply with a single vote? This plebiscite is… Read More »

Racial Discrimination Act 1975 – Adjournment speech

I rise to speak on the new attack on multicultural Australia by Senator Cory Bernardi and his renegade conservative allies, including three Tasmanian Liberal senators, led by Eric Abetz, who today have signed a motion put up by Senator Cory Bernardi to water down protections from hate speech contained within Australia’s Racial Discrimination Act. The protections against offensive,… Read More »

Tourism – Adjournment speech

I rise to draw the Senate’s attention to an exciting opportunity that has the potential to attract more tourists and create sustainable jobs in my home state of Tasmania. Perhaps most importantly this project has the potential to help heal divisions and unite traditional Tasmanians adversaries. In the modern economy, I firmly believe Tasmania’s future… Read More »

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