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Wineglass Bay a Favourite to be the First Australian Beach Drowned by Climate Change

What are the odds that Tasmania’s stunning Wineglass Bay will be the first iconic Australian beach drowned by rising sea levels? A scary $16 and shortening, according to the online gambling agency Sportsbet. As the only Tasmanian beach in the agency’s betting market, Wineglass Bay is well inside the top ten of Australian beaches favoured… Read More »

Protecting Australians Against Financial Crime

The Abbott Government has been urged to boost protections against financial scams and exploitation. The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Law Enforcement has tabled its inquiry report into financial related crime. The Deputy Chair of the Committee, Senator Lisa Singh, said the report makes 14 recommendations on issues ranging from internet scams, identity fraud, and money… Read More »

National Threatened Species Day More Important Than Ever

“Benjamin”, the last Tasmanian Tiger on the planet, died in Hobart Zoo on 7 September 1936. Australia is facing an extinction crisis. 30 of our native mammals have become extinct since European settlement. More than 1,850 animals and plants are listed as threatened under Commonwealth legislation. In the 79 years since Benjamin’s death, the Bramble… Read More »

Aid Needed to Bolster Fight Against TB in Asia-Pacific – Senator Lisa Singh and Matt Thistlethwaite MP

Drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis (TB) are on the march through some of our closest neighbours in the Asia-Pacific, including Papua New Guinea. Aid funding from Australia to research and develop new treatments should be urgently directed to the disease as current therapies drug regimens are lengthy, toxic, expensive and only about 50 per cent effective.… Read More »

In The Community

 Touring Haywards Steel near Launceston - Tasmanian makers of wind turbine towers. Labor will oppose efforts to privatise Hearing Australia because affordable access to publc hearing services is too important to risk.


Celebrating the Diamonds winning the Netball World Cup. With Major Alex Palmer who was assigned to my Senate office as part of the Australian Defence Force Parliaentary Program. Meeting Louie - a great advocate for TB survivors.


Asia-Pacific Tuberculosis Caucus – Adjournment Speech

I rise tonight to report on the inaugural meeting of the Asia Pacific TB Caucus that I attended in Sydney recently. The caucus, convened by Melissa Parke and Warren Entsch, is a gathering of regional parliamentarians who have vowed to take action, both collectively and individually, to drive progress against tuberculosis. We will work with… Read More »

Water Amendment Bill 2015 – Second Reading Speech

I begin by indicating that the opposition recognises the government’s desire to provide certainty to Murray-Darling Basin communities by placing a cap of 1,500 gigalitres on water purchases. On that basis we will not be standing in the way of this government initiative. The success of the Basin Plan has always rested on bipartisan support… Read More »

Refugees / Arts Funding – Senators Statements

I rise to speak about the attack by Minister Brandis on arts funding in this country. Before turning to arts funding issues, I do need to comment briefly on the fast-moving humanitarian crisis facing the Middle East. This is the worst refugee crisis since World War II, with more than four million Syrians now having… Read More »

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