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Chatting to locals in sunny Cygnet. Reflecting on precious lives lost too soon at Hobart Community Vigil for ‪#‎Orlando‬ tonight with LGBTI community and allies. ‪#‎inourhearts‬ Enjoying the Ogoh-Ogoh at the Dark Mofo Festival.


Lisa took the Fatality Free Friday pledge to beat road trauma. Lisa signed the Edmund Rice Centre Candidate Pledge to 'work to improve public debate and discourse on issues such as race, immigration, refugees and asylum seekers'. Thanks to Union Aid Abroad - APHEDA and Maritime Union of Australia for bringing our Indonesian comrades to Canberra to share their story of asbestos use in Indonesia.


Tourism – Adjournment speech

I rise to draw the Senate’s attention to an exciting opportunity that has the potential to attract more tourists and create sustainable jobs in my home state of Tasmania. Perhaps most importantly this project has the potential to help heal divisions and unite traditional Tasmanians adversaries. In the modern economy, I firmly believe Tasmania’s future… Read More »

Water Amendment (Review Implementation and Other Measures) Bill 2015 – Second Reading Speech

I rise to speak on the Water Amendment (Review Implementation and Other Measures) Bill 2015. Stakeholders want stability and continuity around the Basin Plan, and so these are minor changes would not adversely impact on the Basin Plan. The bill implements the recommendations of the Report of the Independent Review of the Water Act200—the Water… Read More »

Climate Change – Matters of Urgency

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most outstanding coral reefs on earth. It is, however, one of the most fragile and complex ecosystems in the world. That is something that has been made very clear by anyone in this place who saw Sir David Attenborough’s fascinating and extensive documentary that really peeled back… Read More »

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